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Checkbot is the preferred way to link external third-party applications and allows advanced model data/project management including model syncing, persistent property conversion, and more.

To enable a consistent approach to the creation of BIM Links IDEA StatiCa provides a flexible project framework that allows developers to create and distribute their own BIM Links for a third-party application.

The following provides information about whether an application is applicable to the Checkbot workflow, the basic features and framework of the application.

  1. Linking an Application with Checkbot - Understand how you can connect with Checkbot.
  2. Checkbot BIM Link Project Framework - Understand how some of the major Checkbot features work and can be implemented within your project.

Example Projects

IDEA provides open-source example projects to show how different links are created and integrated with the BimApi:

Link Type Description Link
RSTAB Link FEA The Rstab link provides the source code of an FEA BIMLink between Rstab and Checkbot. The link is installed to Rstab for execution. view
RAM SS Link FEA The RAM Structural Systems link provides the source code of Importing a RAM Structural System Database file into the standalone version of Checkbot. This is a simpler version of a typical BIMLink as it only supports a one-time import of the RAM DB. view